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Frame Vancouver
FrameFrame Vancouver

Concrete View Homes Between Downtown & Metrotown

Coming Spring 2022
to Kingsway

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A masterclass in the fundamentals of good real estate, Frame is your first opportunity to buy in Vancouver's next great urban village. Merging smart design with a colourful, connected location makes Frame a true growth opportunity and the best value for concrete homes in all of Metro Vancouver, period.

     New Landmark

Located on Vancouver’s most connected corridor at Kingsway and Earles Street, Frame builds on its dynamic neighbourhood. Anchored by an architectural centre, the community of 217 homes merges current and future thinking with well-considered design and offers views from Vancouver to Metrotown. All just a short walk from major emerging rapid-transit hubs.

1, 2 and 3-Bedroom Homes Coming Spring 2022 to Kingsway


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